Hydra Foot Facial

About Hydra Foot Facial

Walk on cloud nine with our Hydra Foot Facial! Elevate skin hydration, plumpness, and radiance with 7-step Foot Facial infused with Hyaluronic Acid, tailored for all skin types!

Immerse yourself in the Hydraulic Acid Foot Facial, a remarkable treatment that satisfies your skin’s hydration needs. Delight in the infusion of multi-molecular hyaluronic acid as it deeply permeates numerous skin layers. delivering an abundance of moisture to repair cracked heels and alleviate roughness. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to velvety-soft, nourished feet.

Key benefits for each step

Crystal Soak Off

Just pour a Hyaluronic crystal soak sachet into warm water and witness it transform into a soothing crystal. This Hydra Crystal soak calms, heals and revitalizes feet, softening the skin and cuticles for refreshing experience.



Add Hyluronic de-Crystalizer sachet to the soak to dissolve the crystal, then use the resulting water to wash your hands or feet. It softens, nourishes, cleanses and refreshes your hands or feer.


Hyaluronic Cleanser

Apply Hyaluronic Cleanser to wet skin, massage gently and rinse with plenty of water. This cleanser removes impurities and actively hydrates and nourishes dry depleted skin.


Peeling Scrub

Apply the peeling scrub in a circular motion to wet skin, then rinse thoroughly. This foot scrub effectively exfoliates dead skin cells and leaves your skin hydrated, soft and smooth.


Dermal Treatment

Apply generously wrap with cling film to generate self-regulating heat. and uncover invigorated hands and feet. This potent formula, enriched with abundant hyluronic acid intensely hydrates and detoxifies, leaving your skin feeling revitalized and refreshed.


Hydraulic Serumil

Apply Serumil and massage gently onto feet until completely absorbed. The use of Kumkumadi oil as an excellent moisturizer helps to nourish and hydrate the skin on the hands and feet. preventing dryness, cracking and other foot conditions.


Anti-Bacterial Spray

Revive tired feet with the Anti-Bacterial Spray. Apply daily after bathing or Foot Facial, targeting toes, shoes, and socks, Shake for bacteria-neutralizing, cooling relief, soothing tired feet after a long day.


Pedicalm Care

Pedicalm Foot Facial should be done in 10 to 15 days to keep your feet feeling soft and looking happy. Optimum results can be seen in 3-4 treatments depending on problems of skin. The prescribed results can be seen on regular use of Padicalm care range.